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Technology Links

ASUS. Apple used to be our favorite, but the EEE PC line is changing the game. You can get a fully functional laptop for less than $400. See our OPEN SOURCE page for more information on the way to really set this up. The first computer we ever built for one of our clients used ASUS components and it's still up and running (that was over 10 years and 3 or 4 upgrades ago!)

Apple Computer. Apple's support pages have won numerous awards for clarity of information and depth.

Microsoft. Need we say more.

Microsoft Update. If you're on Windows, you need to make friends with this page. Also, you can only do the updates if you're using Internet Explorer. Firefox and Netscape won't do.

Hewlett Packard. The standard in printing for almost 30 years, plus they make great computers and servers. Did you know you can get a color laser for less than $300 now?

Canon. Epson has to watch out, the color on these babies is phenomenal-plus the low-end scanners are outstanding bargains

IBM. Okay, so the new name is Lenovo, but you get to it through the IBM link. If you're going to get Windows, then get it on a computer that's worth it. IBM isn't good for our repair business, because the engineering quality is so high. Sure, you pay more up front, but the customer service beats all the others hands down in our experience.