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Networking Support

Our experience runs the gamut with TimeWarner, Comcast, AOL, Earthlink, Optimum Online and Verizon as well as many Satellite and other smaller providers. We configure DialUp, DSL, Cable Modem or T1. We can setup routers, wireless networks, as well as install hard-wired networks in your home or small office. We will also secure your network and your computers against wily hackers, intruders, viruses, spyware and other nasties.

Small Business / Home Business Owners

Putting in a network for your small business has never been more, flexible, easier or cheaper. Networks save you time and money if setup correctly. They allow you to share information and expensive resources like printers and your connection to the Internet. We do it all — from wiring to computer and phone setups.

Home Users

If you want broadband access to the Internet, than you have to have a network. We can setup a wired or wireless network so you can access the Internet anywhere in your home. We work with your own contractors and electricians to give you the network you want.

Corporate Users

WTS has over 20 years experience with Networks and Networking. We provide expert troubleshooting for mixed environments, and can resolve most networking problems.

IT Service Contractors

Call (707) 333-1100 for more information regarding rates and service packages, or email describing your specific needs.

Wiring Installations

Computer Networks; Wireless Networks (802.11a,b,g); Phone Systems; Cable Setups; and Audio Systems. We also partner with other Professional Firms for large projects.

Network Devices

Routers; Bridges; Firewalls; VPNs; Switches; Hubs; Gateways; File, Web and Print Servers; Network Printers; PostScript RIPs. Network Troubleshooting