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Web Site Design & Touch-Up Services

Full Design

We'll be happy to design all aspects of your site. We will deliver a web-standards compliant site based on XHTML and CSS, using tables only where appropriate. Our sites are search-engine friendly, and we'll even help you identify your best opportunities to get found on the web. We can even do shopping carts and other types of dynamic sites.

Graphic Touch-Up

Seems that makeovers are all the rage these days, why not web sites. If your site's graphics are feeling a little pre 2K then it's time for a makeover. We'll design it for you or work with your designer.

Photo Touch-Up

Yeah, that picture of the wine-bottle was a little blurry, but it was after a winemaker dinner, and ... (you know the drill). Sometimes you the pictures on your site aren't as good as you like. We are experts at retouching for the web, and will even take new pictures to replace ones that don't look so good or are out of date.

Technology Touch-Up

Older sites may need some new technologies to bring them into compliance with new Web Standards — or you may just want to add a bit of animation or interactivity. We can do that for you.

Flash Touch-Up

Has your Flash Designer gone AWOL? Seems to happen a lot. We can help get your Flash back on track or convert it to dynamic HTML.

Forms Creation and Touch-Up

Does your webiste designer draw a blank when it comes to forms? Or maybe the price for interactivity is just too much. We can create custom forms for you for as little as $100. We can output those forms in PHP, ASP or Perl and have the result captured in a MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access database or just a plain old text file. Call for more information, plenty of examples available.