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Custom Databases, Web or OS-Based


Need a Database? Need to customize one?

Databases are what makes the computer world go around thses days. Businesses sink billions of dollars each year to develop and maintain databases that capture, store and manipulate essential information. Database work assumes that you already own the appropriate database software. We do not work in Microsoft Accesss. We only support ProVUE Panorama, FileMaker Pro, and the Apache / MySQL / PHP suite of technologies.

FileMaker Pro and ProVUE Panorama will run you about three hundred dollars per installation.

If you want a quote on a database, please fill out our needs assessment form.

Small and Home Business Users

You don't need to sink billions of dollars into developing a database customized to your business. We provide custom development platforms featuring ProVUE Panorama or FileMaker. Both programs work in either Windows or Mac environment. For Mac owners we also offer AppleWorks database development.

Corporate Users

If you require a robust server-based, multi-user database, talk to us about our Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP (LAMP) or OS X / Apache / MySQL / PHP (OXAMP) based solutions. Call 707 333 1100 for more info.

IT Service Contractors

WTS is available for contract work involving Panorama, FileMaker, or LAMP based technologies. Call 707 333 1100 for more info.

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