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Custom Maps and Cartography    

Its Out! See our Calistoga Bike Map in the Portfolio Section

We are one of the few independent studios left that does custom maps for Print and Web. Maps for print are considerably more expensive than maps for web because of the high resolution and extra production time needed for print work. Global Maps for print start at $2400. Global Maps for Web start at $800. We can overlay any custom information such as cities, office locations, airports, time zones, or any other geographic information you can think of. Go to our gallery see the types of global map projects we offer. Pricing is by size and scale/resolution. The greater the size and small the scale, the higher the price.

The maps below are part of a larger millers cylindrical projection map with custom country colors and name. We can generate most any view on the planet within an accuracy of 20 nautilcal miles on a polygonal vertex.

mediterranean map


caribbean map