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Studio Services

One Stop shop for all your design needs. We can work with, or act as, your designer. If you're a designer we can act as your studio, thereby increasing your services to your clients. We work closely with a couple of printers and signage companies to help you get the best products at the best prices.

Web Design Services

Big difference between a website and a printed piece. We can help on all or just part of your web site.

Typesetting Services

We're obsessed with type. Unfortunately the rest of the world is not so much. When you do need to have type set correctly, we know how to do it in print and web. Yes — we know these three characters are called: - – —.

Menu Design

We're talking about restaurant menus here. There's menu design, and then there's menu design that works. We'll help you set up a production and template system that allows you to create, edit and print your own menus at a moment's notice.

Graphic Design

Click the link above to find out the full range of products we can provide for you. Our graphic design services range from designing everything to helping your design staff create specialty products and doing graphic touch-ups.

Foreign Typography

Along with our type obsession, we're also obsessed with writing systems. If you need something precise foreign language typesetting (roman, greek, hebrew or cyrillic based only at this time), then we can do it for you.

Desktop Publishing

We got started in the business through desktop publishing. We work in Quark, InDesign, and Illutrator. We work with your designer or act as your designer. We'll guide you through the whole process from design to production to print, and even go on press for you.

Custom Maps

One of the few independent studio left that does their own cartography. Click above to find out more and visit our custom map gallery.

Custom Diagrams

If you can describe it, we can diagram it for print, web, or acrobat. Heck, we can even make it interactive!


Charts, Graphs, Tables.


Hand or Electronic, we handle the full range and combination in-between.