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Computer Lessons

Beginning Lessons cover the following:

  • What a computer is, what it's good for, what you need to operate a computer (CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Hard Disks, Cache and RAM). Basic Computer Terms and Jargon.
  • Operating System, how files are organized, what to touch, what not to touch.
  • File System, what files belong to what programs, where they are stored, how to find them.
  • Computer Communications and the Internet, how to get online with all the fixin's.
  • Computer Care and Preventive Maintenance (viruses, disk utilities, backup, points of failure) Basic Troubleshooting
  • Computer Expansion (scanners, cameras, printers, CD and DVD Writers, PDAs). How to shop for computer peripherals and upgrades.
  • Software Maintenance, how to upgrade, install and uninstall software

Basic Computer Operations Lessons

  • Email: How to send, receive, attach files, open attachments, cc and bcc, address books. Why AOL email is not a standard. How to best survive is you use AOL.
  • Internet Newsgroups
  • Internet media files and browser plug-ins
  • Browser basics and how to use search engines, bookmarks and history files.
  • Downloading files from the web and installing software. Software Update engines.
  • Internet Chat and Instant Messaging
  • Word Processing Basics
  • PDF files and Adobe Acrobat, why you should go Pro.
  • Compressed files (zip, sit): how and why you should use them
  • Keyboard shortcuts and contextual menus
  • Do you need a PDA?, PDA Basics
  • Customize your computer
  • Practicing Safe Computing, protect yourself from security threats, break-ins and viruses.

Other Lesson Plans Available

  • Computer Basics for Macintosh and Windows

  • Introduction to Microsoft Office

  • Intermediate Microsoft Office

  • Advanced Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access

  • Open Office

  • Cross-Platform Basics

  • Internet E-Mail and AOL

  • Surfing the Web & Web Browsers.

  • Custom Training for QuarkXPress,

  • Adobe Products (Photoshop, ImageReady, GoLive, Acrobat, PageMaker, Illustrator, ATM/ATR, Fonts, FireWorks, Flash and Dreamweaver).