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Emergency Data Recovery

Drive Crashed?

Call 707-333-1100 for free consultation now! WTS+S can get your crashed drive up and running 98% of the time within 48 hours and recover your data.

In case we cannot recover your data in our lab, WTS+S is an authorized partner in DriveSavers' Reseller Program. As part of this program you can save up to 10% off of DriveSaver's data recovery rates. We will take care of all packing and shipping, though you are reponsible for shipping and insurance costs.

DriveSavers has specialized in recovering lost data for about 20 years and has a success rate over 90%. The company recovers data in as little as 24 hours from all operating systems and storage media including hard drives, floppies, CD-ROM, removable and magneto-optical cartridges, solid state card, flash drives and more.

DriveSavers is authorized by all hard drive manufacturers to open sealed drive mechanisms without voiding the original warranty. They are known worldwide as the most trusted and respected company in the industry. Visit their web site at to learn more.

Need Backup?

Data Recovery is VERY EXPENSIVE (most people don't think of it until it's too late), You have insurance for your car, insurance for your house, insurance for your life, why not insurance for your data? Well it's not offered by any insurance company, but you can get it in the form of a reliable backup system. It's more than worth it, especially when you consider that the average cost for data recovery is between $3,000-$8,000.

If you do get caught in the situation where you have to pony up the cash for data recovery, then see if your business insurance will cover it. In fact, when buying insurance, make sure that you can get this kind of thing covered.

Check out our Backup Systems and Support page for more info on how we can help you setup a reliable backup system. We also provide regular Backup Monitoring Services as well.