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Lab Services

Emergency Data Recovery ($50/hr. + pickup/delivery)

Not just Computers, also Camera Cards, MP3 Players (iPods), PDAs
Three words—TECHNOLOGY IS UNRELIABLE. It lulls you into thinking that it’s totaly dependable and will always work great doesn’t. The Good News: storage devices are cheap, if your hard drive fails, it’s usually less than a hundred bucks to replace it with a more reliable one. The Bad News: if you don‘t have an up-to-date backup of your data, you’ll need to recover it off of your drive. We are experts at determining whether you need professional recovery services or if we can recover your data in-house. We are also a DriveSavers professional partner, so you can be assured of expedited clean-room recovery services should you require them.

Computer Service ($50/hr. + pickup/delivery)

If you don‘t have the budget for on-site troubleshooting, we can pick up your computer and work on it in our lab. Might take up to a week, but you only pay for time spent working on the computer, not idle or waiting time.

Custom Databases ($75/hour)

Databases are what all businesses run on—whether it’s a contact list or an accounting system. We develop databases in PHP/MySQL, ProVUE Panorama,and FileMaker Pro. It’s like having software tailor-made to your business.

File Conversions ($75/hour)

You finally decide to get off of AOL and switch to Microsoft Outlook for your email, or someone sends you an Adobe Pagemaker file but you can’t open it in Microsoft Word? WHAT DO YOU DO? Call us—we can translate most file formats into formats you can use.

Format Translations ($75/hour)

A common problem that all of out clients seem to have: they get a great looking design for stationery, business card, etc., but they can’t get it in a format they can use in Microsoft Office. We can convert any piece of art or type into digtial fomat for use with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the web. We’ll even setup the templates for you.

Even more common is their designer will produce some that looks great printed from Illustrator or Photoshop (or yecch! – Microsoft Publisher), but it can't be output on printing press, sign printer, or vinyl cutter. This is one of our obscure specialties, and our work is all over New York City to prove it.

E-Mail Support ($50/hour)

Anything you want to do with your email, except spamming.