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Our Services      

Few consultancies can offer our rAnge of services:


Website Services

We love websites! We'll be happy to talk to you about yours.

On-Site Services

We do house calls in Calisoga and St. Helena. Yes, we do Macs and Windows (and Linux and Networks and Small Phone Systems and...).

Studio Services

We'll design it or work with your designers. We can also solve virtually any graphics problem (remember that great idea for alogo scribbled with a sharpie on the paper napkin that bled through to the tablecloth underneath? — we can put that on the computer for you!).

Lab and Technical Services

For those little odds and ends that nobody else seems to be able to take care of.

Technololgy Consulting

Need an übergeek? We're your technology advocate.

Cloud Computing

No, it's not a way to communicate with the angelic hosts. It's how to use your computer without paying for software or email. We'll show you how and set it up for you.

OpenSource Computing

Free software has come a long way, and it's ready for prime-time! If you're ready to live in a world without Mac or Microsoft, then take the plunge. We can help set you up with Ubuntu, OpenOffice, InkScape, GIMP, and Evolution. .